Model : JC-B




Specifications :


Maximum Paper Size

1090 mm x 830 mm

Minimum Paper Size

360 mm x 300 mm

Paper Thickness

100 - 500 gsm (0.1 – 0.65 mm) (0.004” ~ 0.025”)

Film Width

360 mm x 1080 mm

Film Thickness

12 ~ 40 micron

Maximum Mechanical Speed

10 ~ 65 M/Min

(Exact working speed depends on the color – dark / light, paper quality and operator’s skill)


 Max. 200 kg / cm²


 Max. 100º C

Total Power Required



  • Easy-to-adjust continuous paper flow device utilizing vacuum principles for paper sucking  

ensures smooth, efficient and quiet paper flow.

  • Fully automatic paper transporter, cutter and receiver device ensures easy handling and 

continuous operation without wasting time, effort nor PP film.

  • Especially designed for cleaning the dust left after printing.
  • Special anti-wrinkles thin paper ensures flawless finished product.
  • Special cutting device ensures perfect cut even on the thinnest paper.
  • Infrared-air drier ensures high speed drying.
  • Fully automatic paper transporter, receiver utilizing three-sided paper arranger, air

pressure device, low noise, low breakdown rate, operation so easy that can be handled by one operator.

  • Fully automatic controls, operation speed controlled at will, low noise, high stability, low

breakdown rate.

  • Built-in counter, for accurate counting of the quantity processed.


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